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    As long as the weather stays dry, it’s not too cold to have your roof replaced by R.D. Hackman & Sons!

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    The Staff at R.D. Hackman & Sons would like to wish everyone a safe & happy Holiday, and a prosperous New Year! Remember R. D. Hackman & Sons for for all your home improvement needs.

    Skylight Repair


    skylight repair - before 1 It is not always a clear cut decision about whether you should repair or replace your skylight system. However, here are a couple of rules to go by that might help you out. Of course, our home improvement experts will give you sound and honest advice as to your best options for dealing with your skylight problems.

    In many cases the decision to repair your skylight is a smart choice. If your skylight and roof systems are 5 years old or less and only leak occasionally, then a minor repair job may do the trick. If your skylight is 5-10 years old or leaks seriously or persistently, a more involved repair job may be necessary – but still a viable option.

    skylight repair - before 2Typically if your house or skylight is 12-15 years or older and your skylight is leaking consistently, then you will probably want to replace your skylight. Repairing it may be the lowest cost option in the short run, but you’ll  find yourself throwing away your hard earned money by having to repair the skylight system more than once. It might be best to take those funds and invest in a new unit.



    Testimonial from a Client

    R.D Hackman was able to save my home from the incredibly shoddy work done by a prior contractor.  When I hired the previous handyman, I neglected to fully research his credentials (or lack thereof) with the Better Business Bureau, look for customer reviews online, or ask for references.  I thought that simply having a license and insurance was sufficient.

    skylight repair - afterAfter a year of leaking skylights, I decided it was time to seek another opinion.  I went online and found R.D. Hackman listed as a certified installer of Velux skylights on the Velux website (the brand that the previous contractor had installed).  I am so glad that I called them.  After speaking with Lance, I had a better understanding of how to find a reputable company by checking all of the things I missed in the past.  R.D. Hackman had a top rating with the BBB and terrific customer reviews.  In addition, they fully explained the issues with the previous installation and even showed me photos of the mess that had been left by the handyman.  When they came to do the work, they went above and beyond and it was obvious that they take great pride in a job well done.  My skylights no longer leak and I’ve since hired them, without hesitation, to do additional work on my house.

    I wish I had called R.D. Hackman in the beginning – it would have saved me thousands of dollars in having work done twice, a lot of time bugging an inexperienced previous installer to fix his work, and a lot of frustration.  I highly recommend R.D. Hackman & Sons.

    ~Cassandra Keene



    Window Repair or Replacement


    windowsWith many homeowners trying to add value to their homes, many want to know if they should replace their windows. There are a lot of benefits that you can achieve by replacing your windows but if your windows are in good condition you may not need to change them at all.

    The problem is that many homeowners may not be able to tell if their windows need replacing just by looking. Windows can get worn and deteriorate without it being visually obvious so the best way to be sure is to ask a trustworthy source.

    Replacement windows can be expensive and because of this some people don’t examine their windows. No one wants to find out they need to repair or replace their windows, so they get into a bad state which may mean you are spending more money in cooling, heating and energy bills.

    At RD Hackman & Sons, we’ve been repairing and replacing windows for over 30 years and you can count on us to give you the best advice on repairing or replacing the windows in your home.


    Vinyl Siding Repair


    vinyl siding repairVinyl siding repair to any home is unavoidable. It’s a repair job that, as homeowners, we need to get used to. Unintentional blows to the siding due to stray balls and accidents can happen at any time. Hail is also responsible for a number of dents on the siding. Some walls are just too weak to withstand heavy blows, which is why siding replacement is needed. Fortunately, this service is offered for the convenience of our customers.

    Wind, rain and sunlight can also cause surface damage to the siding. Like your roof, the siding of your home is vulnerable to water damage. Insects, pests, and all manner of fungi can also damage the siding. Repairing the siding repair will reinforce the walls to prevent future damages. Repairs may vary depending on the size and extent of the damage.

    The good news is that vinyl siding is one of the easiest repairs to make compared to wood, aluminum or brick.

    Repairing vinyl siding can be a do-it-yourself job — the siding part is relatively easy — but here’s the caveat. It’s the trim work where you find yourself in trouble. Hiring a professional is the best way to make sure that the job is done right, will last a long time and will match the existing siding. The corner pieces, the bottom edge, top edge, and the J channels around the windows and doors — the trim work  –will be the deal-breakers. Our recommendations is to have a professional look at the damage and tell you how the repair work ought to be handled.



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