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For nearly 45 years, R.D. Hackman and Sons, at 360 West Bainbridge Street in Elizabethtown, has served local area residents and businesses as one of Central Pennsylvania’s most trusted names in roofing and home improvements.

Founded in 1975, R.D. Hackman & Sons started as a roofing and spouting contractor. The company gradually grew to include siding and replacement window installation. Now, R.D. Hackman is a full-service home improvement company…offering complete room additions, sunrooms, patio design and construction, masonry, decks, and more.

David West, President
David West, President

Owner Dave West has nearly 45 years experience in the industry. “We take pride in providing an honest, trustworthy, hardworking team of installers, with extensive product knowledge, training and the highest level of expertise and professionalism,” Dave explains. As roofing installation and repair experts, he says that the three reasons customers choose R.D. Hackman are “Quality Products. Quality Installation. And a Warranty stronger than anyone else in the industry. Period.”

Year after year, R.D. Hackman and Sons is honored by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, including multiple GAF President’s Club Awards, which are given to contractors who consistently provide superior-quality services and excel in providing extensive and consistent warranty options that offer long-term security and peace-of-mind to their customers.

R.D. Hackman and Sons, Inc. is one of only 28 elite contractors in the United States and Canada to meet the standards for this award.

Dave exclaims, “Every roofing project we complete is physically inspected by GAF and evaluated for the President’s Club awards. We had to achieve scores of 100% on all of our projects to receive this honor. It’s a testament to R.D. Hackman’s commitment to our training program, our workmanship and the dedication of our installers to making sure the job is done right.”

As a Factory-certified GAF Master Elite Contractor, R.D. Hackman offers a 100% Lifetime Warranty on all of their roofing projects. “Everything on the roof is covered including materials, labor and workmanship. Repairs or errors in workmanship are never a question or concern with us. It’s covered by our warranty. And the GAF Warranty is transferable to the new owner with the remainder of the warranty intact if you ever decide to sell your home,” he responds.

Dave also touts R.D. Hackman’s expertise in all areas of home improvement. “We carry the same commitment in quality roofing installation through to all areas of our business. We’ve been handling major home remodeling projects and repairs for years.”

“What sets us apart is that we make our customers aware of everything up front. We walk them through the project and cover everything so there are no surprises. If we see something that should be replaced or repaired, we make customers aware of what the approximate cost will be before we start. They can then make an informed decision on the work they want us to perform,” Dave says.

“Our “personal touch” still makes an impact. People truly appreciate the fact that a real person answers the phone and an appointment can be set up immediately, especially in emergency situations.”

“And we’re always available if needed after a project is complete. Sometimes people cannot find their original contractor when there’s a problem. They’re either out of business, or their name changed…and if they find the contractor, they refuse to do anything to resolve the customer’s issue,” he explains. “When a homeowner or business owner finally contacts us because they’re still having problems, we can confidently offer a resolution and help them. Plus, we’ve maintained all customer records since 1975, so we can help reference previous projects and materials if they’re considering add-ons, replacement or additional renovations. ”

Dave knows that costs are competitive in the current market. We work with customers all the time that will say to us… “You were more in price, but I’m glad we worked with you. We do a quality job, start to finish. If someone comes in with a lower-priced estimate, and it’s a substantial difference, customers should wonder what they are not telling you, what they aren’t building or installing correctly, and if they are using substandard materials.”

“For example, everyone wants to sell a standard laminated shingle or a 5-7 year vent collar for a roof, to keep costs down and come in with a lower estimate. And then you’re having issues in 5 years and going through the hassle of replacing them and paying for the project all over again. We use newer, quality products with lifetime guarantees. Yes, a little more up front expense, but trust me, they’ll save you thousands of dollars in the long run.”

“Whether it’s a roof, or a patio install or a complete room renovation, we give you the best products that we can find. We do our research. We go to seminars and listen to anyone who says they have a better product. But until we compare it and see if it is truly better, we don’t start using it for our customer jobs,” West explains.

For example, R.D. Hackman and Sons is a leader in replacement windows. They researched several manufacturer options and installation processes prior to settling on the current product. “Our windows have a lifetime “glass” replacement warranty and carry the best air infiltration rate available for a healthy living environment. Plus, our installation process insures that you’re maximizing savings on heating and cooling costs.”

“Our siding installers (average 18 + years experience each) are ‘VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute) Trained’, meaning they have a minimum of three years of installation experience and have passed the VSI certification courses. We’re vinyl siding experts and can promise you a quality, finished project.”

Dave emphasizes that every year, the costs of a roof and home improvement projects are increasing. Materials become more expensive and the manufacturing process becomes more expensive, so there’s no better time than right now to consider investing in your property. And considering the recent weather, it’s important to consider a roof inspection. “You wouldn’t believe how many times we hear… ‘I didn’t even know I had shingles missing or that seams were leaking.’ It’s funny to me sometimes how people will line up at the car wash to wash the salt off their car on the first nice day after all the snow, but won’t check the condition of their roof for years.

“It doesn’t make sense. If you’ve got a leak issue now, to put the replacement off only damages your overall structure. Keep in mind by the time you see the leak, it’s been leaking and causing damage for a while.”

“If your roof is 20-25 years old, you should call us and have our staff come out and assess the condition and make recommendations or provide an estimate, Dave explains. “Our suggestion is ‘plan ahead’. Know where you stand and whether there are immediate concerns or if there will be issues a year or two down the road.”

“Regardless of the project, we don’t charge for recommendations or estimates. It’s an investment of our time that we make so our customers are informed of their options. If they’re considering repairs or renovations, they receive honest, accurate and experienced recommendations on what the course of action should be.”

R.D. Hackman and Sons has a fantastic reputation in the community. “We stand behind what we sell. And sometimes we’re a little higher in price, but it’s because it’s a quality job and we know you’ll be satisfied. Cheaper isn’t always better.” With over 20,000 satisfied customers and almost 45 years in the business, it’s hard for anyone to disagree.

R.D. Hackman and Sons serves Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, Hershey, Middletown and the surrounding areas including parts of Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, York and Cumberland Counties. They invite you to visit their showroom at 360 West Bainbridge Street in Elizabethtown or to contact them for home improvements, remodeling, siding, windows or your residential/commercial roofing project today.

To schedule an appointment or request an estimate, call 717-367-4544 today or email info@rdhackman.com

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"I had a new roof put on my house. It was a 2 1/2 month wait, but I was informed that this would be the case. They came on time and the crew was incredibly polite and respectful, and were good workers. R.D. Hackman and Sons was very thorough with their clean up. One thing that I really enjoyed was they sang. Greg, Chris and Hoss were great."

- Angie’s List Review, November 2017

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